Virginia An In-Context Design

Following the approval of the USCG Working Design in 2004, Maine’s First Ship vessel committee went on to producing detailed designs first to construct a model, and then the full size ship. John Bradford was the primary author of these reports, and worked with Bud Warren (historian),  David Wyman (naval architect), Rob Stevens (shipwright), Sam Manning (artist), and others. The original plan was to build Virginia for the 400th anniversary of the Popham Colony in 2007. It soon became clear that while the was neither money or time to complete this task, it was possible to get a 1/10 scale model of Virginia built.

This book: The 1607 Popham Colony’s Pinnace Virginia: An In-Context Design of Maine’s First Ship, ISBN: 978-1-936447-73-2, Copyright 2011, is an expanded version of final model report, with graphic added.

The book is spiral bound, and you can see this book on the rigging table and in the boat shed, somewhat worse for wear. It is for sale in the Jane Stevens Visitor Center at the Bath Freight Shed.