Jane Stevens Construction Details

This desgin drawing shows the details of Jane Stevens’ framing in transvere, top, and side views. It also shows the materials and sizes for the various components.

On October 10 2010, the shallop Jane Stevens was lanched as the successful completion of the summer boat building project.  The success of this project helped Maine’s First Ship to start the construction of Virginia in and around the Bath Freight Shed.

On July 4, 2011 Virginia’s keel was layed between the Bath Freight Shed and the Kennebec River. In the following months, a boat shed of timber frames with plastic sheeting was built over the keel. This marked the transition from the design phase to the construction phase. An all volunteer crew has been working since then building Virginia’s hull and rigging.

Jane Stevens has been rowed and sailed in the Kennebec, travelled several times to Pemaquid for a 17th century reenactments, and taken road trips to Mystic River Connecticut. Much of the time she sits moored in the Kennebec, waiting for Virginia to come and join her.

Launch of Jane Stevens