Rigging bench still life

Every pulley (or “block”) aboard Virginia requires a specially made rope “strop” which will be tied around the block to hold it in place in the rigging. Here a piece of blackened rope has been formed into a circle, called a grommet. Smaller white twine has been laid into the grooves between the strands to make the surface smoother. More twine will be wrapped around the grommet and then the grommet will be tied, or “seized” around the double block.

Single and double blocks

Stropped single and double blocks

Over one hundred pulleys (or “blocks”) will go into Virginia’s rigging. Here a single block with a slot for one rope, and a double block with slots for two ropes, sit finished on a rigger’s bench. The blocks have been bound with thick rope “strops” which will be used to hold them in place in the rigging.

Block shown installed on a stay