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Virgina by Bev Bevilacqua

Maine’s First Ship is a 501(c) nonprofit organization with a mission to build and operate a reconstruction of the 1607 pinnace Virginia which was the first ocean going ship built by the English in America. It is the start of a 400 plus year shipbuilding industry in Maine.  Our goal is to honor this legacy and to be an educational resource for both children and adults.  

In addition, we make the Bath Freight Shed available as a community space and host the Bath Farmers Market in the winter, and private events in the summer.  It is also the home of the Jane Stevens Visitor Center and the home to our rigging construction.  The Virginia is being built in the boat shed behind the freight shed, and woodworking is done in the boat yard at either side of the boat shed.

We are an all volunteer organization and we do not charge for visiting us.  Therefore we are dependent on donations to fund our work.  These donations are tax deductible.

Money is not the only thing we accept.  Our volunteers give their time, but also the use of their tools.  We have taken donations of lumber, and donations of transportation.

Many corporations match employee contributions.  When making a contribution, check if your company will match it.

Capital Campaign

MFS wharf
Proposed wharf at Bath Freight Shed

Each year we hold a capital campaign to raise funds for  long term projects and our endowment.  2020 has been a challenging year for fund raising due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is also the year we have a number of expenses getting ready to launch Virginia

The featured project for 2020 is to build a wharf next to the Bath Freight Shed to dock Virginia both while we continue the post-launch construction, and also longterm as the access point for Virginia as a floating classroom.  We expect to use volunteers to do some of the work on the wharf, but it is still an expensive item.

The featured project for 2019 was to purchase an engine.  Of course the original Virginia used sails for her engine, but we need to have a 21st century engine to make is safe to take passengers.  We still have a project in 2020 to install the engine.

We can use your help!

Become a member

Wegell Burke presentation

Being a member gives you voting rights on matter of corporate governance.  We also send members our e-newsletter and a few emails about events (about 1 per month)

Your membership goes to the operational support of Maine's First Ship, and it educational programs. There are several levels of membership, but feel free to donate more than these amounts.

Indiviual membership $30/year
Duo membership $50/year

To become a member you can send a check, or use the Donate button below which brings up PalPal and you can pay with any credit card. If you use our Donate button consider adding 3% to cover our transaction costs.

Mail checks to:

Maine's First Ship
PO Box 231
Bath, ME 04530