Virginia Deck Framing

°The deck framing design show the construction of the deck support in multiple dimentions. The scales are shown in feet at the bottom, and in frame numbers fore and aft of the midship bend in the next scale up.

The lower diagram shows the deck support from a top view and shows the placement of each of the of knees and additional deck support beam. Details are shown only on the starboard side as it is assumed the port side is the same.

The middle diagram shows the hanging knees (vertical) which are used as deck beam supports. Note that the deck has a camber, and the sides of the ship are not fully vertical and thus the knees need to be shaped to support an angle which is almost but not exactly 90°. 

The top diagram shows the lodging knees (horizonal) which keep the deck beam in place laterally. Like the hanging knees, the angle between the deck beam and the side of the ship varies from 90°.

Knees were commonly constructed from pieces of wood with a natural bend which gives the the greatest strength. Virginia’s knees were hewed from hackmatack which is common in the Canadian maritimes and northern New England.

Hanging knees and deck support
Cutting hackmatack