Welcome to the new website

Maine’s First Ship website: mfship.org has been redesigned to enhance the visual appearance, and to provide a better base to add new features.  Some of the new features are not done yet but will be added over time.

There are three major sections off the home screen, About Us, Virginia, and History.  About Us shows items about the Maine’s First Ship project, Virginia is about the ship itself, and  History is about the Popham Colony and the original Virginia.  There are direct links form the home page to “Volunteer”, and “Support Us”.

From the Volunteer page you can log on (or register) to the website.  We will be adding more features which use this logon soon. 

There are a few things still available on the old web site and not on the new site.  For a limited time the old website can be found at old.mfship.site.