Stamp: Virginia of Sagadahock

The 3¢ Virginia of Sagadahock stamp commemorating the 350th anniversary of shipbuilding in America was issued on August 15, 1957, in Bath, Maine to match the date of the founding of the Popham Colony in 1607.

The stamp has a drawing of a small pinnace typical of the early seventeenth century, and the State Seal of Maine.  The pinnace has a single mast and coastal rigging.

Ervine Metzel, William Zorach, A. M. Main, Jr., and George F. Cary II designed the stamp.The stamp is 0.85 by 0.98 of an inch in dimension, arranged vertically, printed by the rotary process, electric-eye perforated, and issued in sheets of seventy. The color of the stamp is purple. The printing of 120 million of these stamps was authorized.