The Diseased Ship: New England Sea Captains and the Slave Trade

July 15 2021 7pm to 8pm

Meadow Dibble, Brown University

This dramatic story features a prominent Yankee sea captain, a tragedy on the high seas, a viral outbreak, a major political cover up, and a conspiracy of silence that has lasted two centuries surrounding New England’s involvement in the slave trade. Following these historical threads into the present day allows us to consider the ways in which our region’s repressed history of complicity with the business of slavery relates to our current national conversations about race, privilege, identity, and access to the “American Dream.”

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Meadow Dibble is a Visiting Scholar at Brown University’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice. She received her PhD from Brown’s Department of French with a focus on Postcolonial Studies and taught Francophone African literature at Colby College form 2005-08. Originally from Cape Cod, Meadow lived for six years on Senegal’s Cape Verde peninsula prior to pursuing her graduate studies, publishing a cultural magazine and coordinating foreign study programs. In 2018, following a brutal awakening to the reality of her hometown’s deep investment in the business of slavery, she launched Atlantic Black Box, a public history initiative devoted to researching and reckoning with New England’s role in the slave trade. Meadow has been serving as editor of The International Educator newspaper since 2014.

The lecture is available either in-person or by zoom

Bath Freight Shed
27 Commercial St
Bath Maine 04530