Hunt plan

On October 8, 1607, seven weeks after the establishment of the Popham Colony, John Hunt completed the plan (draught) of Fort St George.  This plan was sent to England on the Mary and John which left for England on that same day.  It appears that John Hunt travelled with this map, probably leaving a copy with George Popham, president of the Popham Colony.  No copy of the plan was ever found in England, and indeed we do not have a similar plan for any early English settlement in the Americas.

Very little of the plan could have been completed before the plan was sent to England.  Some shallow trenches had been dug, and the storehouse was complete enough to store the goods brought on the Mary and John.

The plan was found in 1888 by the historian Alexander Brown in the Simancas Archive in Spain.  Along with it were found letters between Don Pedro Zuñiga (Spain’s ambassador to England) and Spain’s King Phillip III concerning the plan.  Prior to finding this plan, the exact location of the Popham Colony was not known, but this plan exactly matches the geography of Sabino Head.  Archaeological excavations between 1994 and 2013 by Jeffrey Brain confirmed the location, and proved the accuracy of the plan, at least for those portions of the fort that were built.

The draught of St. Georges fort Erected by Captayne George Poham, Esquire, on the entry of the famous river of Sagadahock, in virginia.  taken out by John Hunt the viii day of october in the yeare of our Lorde 1607.