1997 conceptual drawing by Bev

Research for Maine’s First Ship was begun in early 1997 by Bev Bevilaqua and other members of the vessel committee. His efforts, which included a visit to England, concentrated on an initial concept design which was done with a large amount of research.  This watercolor is part of that design and visualizes Virginia sailing along the Maine coast. 

The design drawing from 1997 shows the rigging and general arrangement in profile.

These drawings show Virginia with coastal rigging without a bowsprit or mizzen, and with low bulwarks.  This is similar to the pinnace drawing on the Hunt plan of Fort St George.

The flag in the Hunt plan when seen on the original is a St George’s Cross, the flag of England.  This would have been in 2×1 size and not a streamer as shown in the drawing, as streamers were generally a sign of a navy vessel. In all cases, the flag is unlikely to fly towards the bow when the ship is under sail.

Detail of pinnace from Hunt plan
Another version of this drawing from 1997