Bath Winterfest at Maine's First Ship

February 26, 2022

Bath Freight Shed

Join us for the Bath Freight Shed on Saturday February 26, 2022 for a cannon firing, the Baked Bean Supper, and the Midcoast Cocktail Contest. This is part of the Main Street Bath Winterfest.

These events are outdoors so bundle up.

For more details about other Bath Winterfest events see

12:00 noon we will be firing one of Virginia’s guns from the boatyard behind the Bath Freight Shed.

4-6pm we will be have a baked bean supper with several kinds of beans, coleslaw, and deserts. Take away or eat outside.

4-6pm we will host the Midcoast Cocktail Contest by Long Reach Kitchen. Come try out your favorite.

The day before our Winterfest events we had 5 inches of snow, gale force winds, and we lost a big chunk of roof on the boat shed. We had 22 degree weather on the day of our Winterfest events, but everything went well. About 60 people came out for the first public firing of Virginia’s cannon.  We have had three training sessions where we fired it. A lot of people who had never seen the ship toured it that day.

We said we would serve the baked beans, coleslaw, and deserts until 6pm or until we ran out. Most of the people took the food home, but a number of hearty souls ate their beans sitting at the picnic tables in the boatyard. We ran out of both beans and slaw at about 5:50, so we came in pretty close.

The Midcoast Cocktail Contest ran out even sooner. By 4:30 they were out of glasses, and by 4:45 they were out of cocktails. It seems they did not think Mainers would sit outside in the cold and drink. They continued selling beer and wine, and they certainly did not require coolers for the beer.

A good time was had by all, and we even burned a bit of our scrape wood in a fire pit. As a reminder, you do not need to wait for an event to come see the ship. We are officailly open Wednesday and Saturday 10-2. But you can come by whenever volunteers are working.