Bath Winterfest at Maine's First Ship

February 11, 2022 4-6pm

Bath Freight Shed

Join us at the Bath Freight Shed on Saturday February 11, 2022 for  the second annual Baked Bean Supper and the Midcoast Cocktail Contest. This is part of the Main Street Bath Winterfest.

The food it takout with some indoor seating. You can also dine outside with a  winter view of the Kennebec, but bundle up because this is winter.

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The baked bean supper will feature bean dishes from several local chefs along with sides and desert. We will also hold the Midcoast Cocktail Contest by Long Reach Kitchen. Come try the contails to see which is your favorite. Other beverages are also available for purchase. 

We will serve until 6pm or until we run out.