Winter 2024

High water (and ice) at the Bath Freight Shed

Winter 2024

Winter seems like a quiet time at Maine’s First Ship, with Virginia under her tarps in Wiscasset, and the Fright Shed cold and lonely except for the Bath Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Behind the scenes, there is a flurry of activity planning for a full season of events throughout the season.

This winter started with three record-breaking high-water storms at the Freight Shed. The water got to within inches of the floor of the freight shed but the only thing we lost was some wood from our wood pile. We thank our crewe for coming out to clean up the boat yard after each of these storms. It does remind us of the power of the sea, and the peril of those who travel the seas.

In Wiscasset, the crewe is working to make Virginia ready for passengers as we look to have public sailings about 3 days a week while in Bath, and to have 3 port visits. The crewe is also recaulking the deck and getting ready for further Coast Guard certifications. At the Freight Shed, our rigging crew is making an inventory of the rigging, and making repairs needed to reinstall the rigging in the spring. This spring we are looking to lift Virginia to inspect and repaint the bottom and fix a leak in the engine compartment (they did not have this problem in 1607).

The spring events start with the second annual 17th Century Foodways in April. We plan on having a Wednesdays at the Freight Shed with a social get-together followed by talks, yoga, or other events.

We are ramping up our educational programs as well. There will be additional workshops featuring traditional skills, and increased youth educational opportunities.

Virginia will be sailing throughout the season, and we will also offer deck tours on a regular basis, both in Bath and she is on port visits. We will also be taking the shallop Jane Stevens out for community rows, and hopefully for another long row.

There are a lot of details to be worked out, but as always, look on the Events page for a schedule of events.

Maine’s First Ship won the Gold Best of the 207 award for Best Attraction for 2023 after winning a Silver in 2022.

Come visit us in the spring as we start up our programs for 2024.