Virginia in Portland

Boatyard with riggers and battoe

Virginia in Portland

After a stormy but not very cold winter in Wiscasset, Virginia returned to her wharf in Bath on Monday April 29. However, she will only be there a week before going to Portland Yacht Services for a haul out, bottom scraping and repainting, rudder work, and an inspection. Virginia should be ready to come back to Bath on May 14 and we will celebrate her return with a May Day party on Saturday May 18. We will be hosting short deck tours of Virginia for $5 from 10am-3pm. At 11am we will have a May pole dance, followed by some food and drink. This is part of the Bath Spring into Summer event.

The rigging is not installed, so Virginia will be making these trips using her engine. In the freight shed and boat yard, we are refinishing spars and preparing the rigging. As soon as Virginia returns to Bath we will start re-installing the rigging.

In the boat yard, Rob Stevens is building a battoe for a 2025 re-enactment of the 1776 Arnold Expedition from Maine to Quebec City.

Virginia will be sailing throughout the season starting in early July. The plan is to sail Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The sailing will be for small groups with hand-on participation. We will also offer deck tours regularly (hopefully starting in June). The first port visit of the year will be to Windjammer Days in Boothbay Harbor June 24-28. We plan on hosting short deck tours while we are there. We will also be taking the shallop Jane Stevens out for community rows, and hopefully for another long row.

Maine’s First Ship won the Gold Best of the 207 award for Best Attraction for 2023 after winning a Silver in 2022.

Come visit us in the spring as we start up our programs for 2024.