Spring 2024

open fire cooking
17th Century Foodways - open fire cooking

Spring 2024

After a stormy, wet, and not very cold winter, spring is coming to Midcoast Maine, and to Maine’s First Ship.

In March we got yet another high-water storm, coming close to breaking the water height record set this February. Once again water got to within inches of the floor of the freight shed. 

Virginia is in Wiscasset at a somewhat calmer dock. The crewe is working to make Virginia ready for passengers and for a Coast Guard inspection. Progress is being made in fitting out the foc’sle, plumbing and electrical. The plan is for Virginia to travel to Portland for a lift-out in late April for some work on the rudder and to clean, inspect, and paint the bottom. Virginia should arrive at her home wharf at the Bath Frieght Shed in early May. After that, the crewe needs to re-rig her.

The spring events start with the second annual 17th Century Foodways on April 20. This includes demonstrations and discussions of 17th century cooking, followed by a lunch with the food we cooked, and local vegetables and bread. As always, find details of the events on the Events page.

We plan on having a Wednesdays at the Freight Shed with a social get-together followed by talks, yoga, or other events.

We are ramping up our educational programs as well. There will be additional workshops featuring traditional skills, and increased youth educational opportunities.

Virginia will be sailing throughout the season starting in early July. We will also offer deck tours regularly (hopefully starting in June). The first port visit of the year will be to Windjammer Days in Boothbay Harbor in late June. We will also be taking the shallop Jane Stevens out for community rows, and hopefully for another long row.

Maine’s First Ship won the Gold Best of the 207 award for Best Attraction for 2023 after winning a Silver in 2022.

Come visit us in the spring as we start up our programs for 2024.