Stories of Maine's First Ship

This is a project to record the history of Maine’s First Ship using first person interviews of current and former volunteers. The result is a 10 minute video using parts of these interviews along with video from the Launch of Virginia, and images from MFS archives. Also included here are the lightly edited interviews. The interviews took place between June 4, 2022 and August 3, 2022.

A few of the videos have subtitles and are marked in the caption. To turn on the subtitles click on the three dots in the lower right corner and select Captions.

Maine’s First Ship – 25 Years of History, Ingunuity, and Community (subtitles)

Dr Jeff Brain – Archaeologist (subtitles)

Bud Warren – Historian and former MFS president (subtitles)

Rob Stevens – Lead Shipwrigtht

Orman Hines – MFS President

Jim Nelson – Head Rigger and Author

Merry Chapin – Teacher and former MFS president

Eric Varney – Teacher and leader of Shallop Project

Jim Parmentier – MFS board member

Kelsy Brick – Student volunteer

Jeremy Blaiklock – MFS Vice President and Bos’n
Now MFS Co-President

Lori Benson – MFS Vice President
Now MFS Co-President

John and Betsy Morse – Early MFS board members 

Richard Cromwell – Early MFS board member

Bob Weggel – Donor and archaeology volunteer 

Paul Cunningham – volunteer

Gail Smith – Volunteer

Jim Amundsen – volunteer

Student videographers

Project funding was provided by Maine Community Foundation Community Building Grant and The Alfred Senter Fund.

Thanks to the volunteeers, members, and business partners of Maine’s First Ship.

The videos are produced by Tailwind Media.