Jane Stevens at Fort St George

Back to our roots

Friday September 18, 2023  

Popham Villiage 
Phippsburg Maine

When the Popham Colonists arrived at the Sagadahoc River, one of the first tasks was to construct one or more shallops, small open boats which could be rowed or sailed. One of these would become the tender for the pinnace Virginia which they constructed at the settlement of Fort St George.

In the summer of 2010, a group of high school students from Morse High School (the Shipbuilders) built a 17th century style shallop. She was named Jane Stevens in honor of the founder of Maine’s First Ship who lived on the site of Fort St George. “Jane” is now the tender for Virginia.

For the 416th anniversary of the founding of the Popham Colony,  Jane Stevens is coming to row at her ancestorial home. Jane will be in Popham on the afternoon of Friday September 18,  and the morning of Saturday September 19. She will be rowing on Friday from about 6:30 to 8pm.

Launch Jane Stevens
Jane in the fog
Jane from above