Reconstructing Virginia


One of the challenges of reconstructing Virginia is the absence of early 17th century plans in naval archives. However, working from written references to Virginia in information about the 1607 Popham Colony and a great many historical records about pinnaces, enough detail was gathered for Fred M. Walker and Associates of Tenterdon, Kent to produce concept drawings.

David B. Wyman, Naval Architect, worked with these to develop the working design with input from Captain Steve Cobb, Shipwright Rob Stevens, and MFS Historian, John Bradford. The modified “barke” rig is one of two likely available to the VIRGINIA, and would have been used for ocean voyages (as in the VIRGINIA’s Atlantic crossings).

For coastal work, VIRGINIA would have used a fore and aft rig with a sprit mainsail and one headsail. As shown, VIRGINIA is approximately 50′ with a beam of 14’6″. She has a flush main deck, draws approximately 6’6″ fully loaded, and has a freeboard of less than 2′.