Fall 2021

As fall creeps upon us, we grow ever closer to our June 4, 2022 launch date. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic we had a good summer at the MFS Visitor Center, although we are missing many of our international visitors. We are again wearing face masks inside the freight shed and boatshed.

days until launch

The Visitor Center is open Wednesday and Saturday 10-2 until May 2022. We will be closed for a couple of weeks at the end of the year. We can arrange tours of Virginia on other days. For those of you unable to visit us in Bath, we will continue to update the status on mfship.org/status .

The Bath Farmers Market moves into the Bath Freight Shed starting on November 20, 2021, so the Visitor Center will be in its restricted size and much of the rigging will be hung on the walls and on tables separating the vendors.

The Fall 2021 Newsletter is now out. You can see it and older newsletters at mfship.org/newsletter .

On Sunday November 7 from 9 to 3 we will be holding the annual Women’s Shipbuilding Day. To register for this, or to see other events and online exhibits, see mfship.org/events or select Events from the menu.

There are several new pages in the History section. “Popham v Havercombe” is the defense in a lawsuit by the Pophams against the master of Gift of God. It reveals the lives of people of the Popham Colony. “Father Biard 1611” is a letter by a French Jesuit living in Nova Scotia about travels to the Kennebec River area. “The Bath Freight Shed” shows the history of the freight shed in words and pictures. For these and other history pages, see mfship.org/history .

Maine’s First Ship is now available on Instagram as the user mfship_org . To see our facebook, youtube, or instagram pages use the icons in the header of each page.