Early English Voyages to the New World

June 16, 2022 - 7pm to 8pm

Margaret J. Wilson, author
N C Wyeth - George Weymouth from Trending into Maine

The European colonization of North America in the 17th century was preceded by over a hundred years of expeditionary voyages by European navigators and explorers.  Most of these voyages were headed by well-born, highly educated men who were related to or acquainted with one another. Most of them were brave, many of them were lucky and some of them were ruthless and arrogant but all contributed to the discovery efforts that formed communities in which we, in New England, now live. Margaret Wilson will help us understand the goals, purposes and motivations of the Popham colonists who built the original Virginia in 1607.

Margaret has had a strong affection for America since she worked in New York at the age of 21 and later with her husband doing medical research in Seattle. A chance meeting with Jane Stevens during a vacation in Maine in the 1990s led to digging with the archaeologists at Fort St. George, Popham Beach and an involvement with Virginia.  Coming from Devon in the SW of England she became interested in the early navigators who discovered the east coast of America.  This led to writing a book: Norumbega Navigators.

Margaret Wilson