Designing Virginia

From 1997 to 2009, the main effort of Maine’s First Ship was designing Virginia. The only description we have of the original Virginia is “a pretty pinnace of 30-tonnes” and a 1-inch drawing of a small pinnace.  The design phase was to both understand what the original might have looked like, and to define the new Virginia. The end result of the design phase was a set of design drawings, a book by John Bradford, a 1/8 scale model, and two 1/32 scale models.

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Virginia Conceptual Design

Ernest “Bev” Bevilacqua 1997 Initial historical concept design for Virginia. Watercolor of design Virginia ParticularsNext Bev Bevilaqua did the initial historical research for Virginia in 1997

Virginia Particulars

Fred Walker, Naval Architects 2001, 2002 Historical design for Virginia with ocean rigging giving particulars for size and weight. PrevVirginia Conceptual Design Virginia Lines in

Virginia Working design

David Wyman 2004 First of the working designs for Virginia this shows the Outboard Profile. John Bradford, David Wyman, Bud Warren PrevVirginia Lines in the

Virginia Inboard Profile

David Wyman 2004 Working design showing the internal organization of Virginia PrevVirginia Working design Virginia Midship SectionNext The Inline Profile shows Virginia in two planes. On

Virginia Midship Section

David Wyman 2004 Working designs for Virginia showing the section of the frame at the midship section, including the construction of the frames. PrevVirginia Inboard

Virginia Lines

David Wyman 2004, 2011 Define the shape and size of the hull. PrevVirginia Midship Section Virginia Deck FramingNext The lines drawing is a more detailed

Virginia Deck Framing

David Wyman 2004 Working design showing the construction of the framing and deck PrevVirginia Lines Virginia Sail PlanNext The deck framing design shows the construction

Virginia Sail Plan

David Wyman 2008 Working design showing the plan for rigging Well used sail plan and Virginia book on the rigging desk The sail plan was

Virginia Rigging drawings

Click to show designs as PDF David Wyman 2005 A number of detailed drawing of the rigging PrevVirginia Sail Plan Jane Stevens Lines DetailsNext In

Jane Stevens Lines Details

Will West 2010 The design shows the lines of the shallop Jane Stevens PrevVirginia Rigging drawings Jane Stevens Construction DetailsNext In 2007 Maine’s First Ship

Jane Stevens Construction Details

Will West 2010 Construction details for the shallop Jane Stevens PrevJane Stevens Lines Details Virginia An In-Context DesignNext This design drawing shows the details of

Virginia An In-Context Design

John Bradford 2011 The 1607 Popham Colony’s Pinnace Virginia, An In-Context Design of Maine’s First Ship. PrevJane Stevens Construction Details Virginia ModelNext Following the approval

Virginia Model

Virginia model in Maine Maritime Museum (2006) Maine’s First Ship 2006 A 1/8 scale model of the pinnace Virginia built to match the working design