Designing Virginia

From 1997 to 2009, the main effort of Maine’s First Ship was designing Virginia. The only description we have of the original Virginia is “a pretty pinnace of 30-tonnes” and a 1-inch drawing of a small pinnace.  The design phase was to both understand what the original might have looked like, and to define the new Virginia. The end result of the design phase was a set of design drawings, a book by John Bradford, a 1/8 scale model, and two 1/32 scale models.

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Virginia Particulars

Fred Walker, Naval Architects 2001, 2002 –
Historical design for Virginia with ocean rigging giving particulars for size and weight.

Virginia Midship Section

David Wyman 2004 –
Working designs for Virginia showing the section of the frame at the midship section, including the construction of the frames.

Virginia Model

Maine’s First Ship, 2006 –
A 1/8 scale model of the pinnace Virginia built to match the working design for reconstructing Virginia, and showing the ocean rigging.