Virginia Model

Maine’s First Ship, 2006 –
A 1/8 scale model of the pinnace Virginia built to match the working design for reconstructing Virginia, and showing the ocean rigging.

Virginia An In-Context Design

John Bradford 2011 –
The 1607 Popham Colony’s Pinnace Virginia, An In-Context Design of Maine’s First Ship.

Virginia Sail Plan

David Wyman 2008 –
Working design showing the plan for rigging

Virginia Deck Framing

David Wyman 2004 –
Working design showing the construction of the framing and desk

Virginia Lines

David Wyman 2004, 2011 –
Define the shape and size of the hull

Virginia Midship Section

David Wyman 2004 –
Working designs for Virginia showing the section of the frame at the midship section, including the construction of the frames.